The Early Years

by The Exciting Sounds of Savo

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The first release from the Exciting Sounds of Savo, this disc epitomizes the signature trademarks of the Savo sound: that spontaneously creative, rough around the edges, lo-fi sound. The entire album was recorded in analog on a four track tape recorder with the melody, lyrics, and most of the music of each song made up on the spot - usually between 2 and 4AM after the consortium members would come home drunk from the bar.

The disc starts out with one of the Roseville Sessions tracks. Recorded @ Corbett’s apartment in Roseville, MI, this track - as well as the two other Session tracks, extrude a groovy jazz vibe and show the range of the consortium members. Early in the disc come two of Savo’s biggest hit singles: “Jim It’s Me Joey” (based on prank message left to one of Savo’s buddy) and “Kentucky Love Song”. Hooks galore and catchy, sing along choruses make these songs crowd pleasers.

The middle of the disc contains a number of songs - including “People”, “Wes’s Mom”, and “I Have the Rythm Inside Me” - that include next door neighbor, and multi-instrumentalist, J Lansbury joining Savo in the studio on 1610 Taylor Street, San Francisco.

The remainder of the disc was also recorded at the Taylor Street studio up on Russian Hill. Overlooking North Beach and downtown San Francisco (and stocked with a full bar) Consortium members found it easy to draw inspiration. This is evident in a couple of instrumental numbers - “Tropical Savo” and “International Man of Mystery” - as well as the diddies “Free OJ” and “He’s the Man”.

The Early Years also features Consortium members from around the globe who made the pilgrimage to Savo Studios in San Francisco to lay down tracks. This is certainly the case for the now infamous tracks “Milo Cransten” and “Big R House” which featured Consortium members Carter and Hirko respectively. It’s also the case for perhaps the most under appreciated gem on the disc, “Maybe Tom Lost It”, which features Coondog. Inspiration for said song came earlier in the evening when Consortium members walked down to the Purple Onion to see some live music only to witness owner Tom Guido not handle the fact that the band didn’t show so well.

The disc would set a precedent with future Savo discs in arranging the songs in rough chronological order.


released May 29, 2001

Exciting Sounds of Savo Consortium members participating on this recording: Savo, chock, Corbett, J Lansberry, Coondog, Carter, Shannon, Justin, Hirk, MJ



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The Exciting Sounds of Savo San Francisco, California

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